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"I used to go to the gym back in 2007 but I only ever managed to go regularly for a few months at a time and then I'd lose all motivation and stopped going. When I stopped going to the gym in June 2007 I didn't realise it would take me nearly 3 years before I would go back and in that time my weight had just crept up and up. In February 2010 I saw some photos of myself at a work's 'do' and thought I need to do something now - I am 13 stone and going upwards. I had 2 holidays booked - one for May for my 30th birthday and one in June for a friend's wedding so my goal was to get in shape for these holidays. I contacted Ross and arranged my first session for the 2nd March 2010.  

The first session was really good, Ross took all my measurements and to my horror I was over 40% fat. Ross and I talked through my goals and my current exercise levels and diet. I wanted to lose a dress size before I went on holiday in May but I wanted to do it by getting fit and reducing my percentage fat not by doing some faddy diet. I had always resorted to the latest faddy diet and while it worked in the short term I just put it all back on within a matter of weeks. Ross gave me a food plan to help me change my diet and my eating pattern as I was one of those people who missed breakfast, had lunch on the run and then when I got home from work I just raided the fridge all evening. I now understand what that was doing to my body.  

In the second session Ross took me through my new programme which I had to do when I went to the gym in between training sessions. Ross also set me a programme I could do at home with some kettle bells so that even on the days when I got home from work late I could still do some exercise. This worked really well for me as I travel a lot with my work so sometimes I just don't get the chance to get to the gym.

The training sessions are really challenging and I know I would never have achieved these results without my training sessions with Ross. He keeps me motivated and pushes me to keep going even when I am struggling. Every session is different and so many of the exercises work your whole body. Having a trainer also motivates me to make sure I eat well all week and go to the gym in between training sessions as I don't want to go back to my next training session and report back that I haven't been to the gym and I have been eating rubbish!

I have now finished 3 blocks of 10 and my body shape has changed so much. I have dropped 2 dress sizes and over 7kg of fat so far. Now that I am back from both holidays I have set a new goal with Ross and am working towards that. I now really enjoy going to the gym. The change in diet and exercise regime has given me so much more energy. I have toned arms, toned legs and a flat stomach. I would recommend training with Ross to anyone, he is genuinely interested in helping you achieve your goals and gives you all the support and encouragement along the way. I could not have done this without him!"

Claire Doonan  

"After embarking on a weight loss program a few years back, I hit a plateau and although training regularly, could not seem to lose more weight.  I switched gyms and during what could only be described loosely as a training session, I noticed a kind of shady looking character racing around the place.

After initial thoughts of" Oh that must be the maintenance guy", realized he was in fact a personal trainer.

I watched what Ross was doing with clients and realized that what I lacked in my session was structure and I had lost sight of what I was really trying to achieve- a complete change in lifestyle, not short term weight loss (tried that and gained it all and then some).  I spoke to one of his clients to see if they really did benefit and got his name and contact details, that was the beginning of our venture. I say our venture because he really does want you to reach your full potential.

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I have two sessions monthly with Ross and we change my programme monthly usually, this coupled with change in dietary habits (keeping a food diary helps- you really don't want that "look" from Ross when you make a bad choice) has led to many benefits ..

  • Focus due to a structured programme with realistic goals- always pushing you to the next level of fitness
  • Weight Loss
  • Change in body shape
  • Increased Fitness Levels
  • Less Stress
  • More confidence
  • Better sleep.....

Ross is enthusiastic, motivational and methodical in his approach to training but most of all genuinely has his clients interest at the forefront of his mind.

My take on it is this....Ross can write as many programmes as he likes but you can't motivate yourself to get to the gym then it's a waste of time and money. If your motivated  and have at least one session with Ross (well maybe two and sticking to the programme!) you will achieve real results and reach your goals- I personally could not have achieved what I have without Ross"

Gillain Spence

"I started training with Ross over 2 years ago, mainly to train around niggling injuries I was having, having achieved this through good exercise form and varied sessions, every session was different and challenging, I progressed on to high intensity workouts that took my fitness levels way above my expectations and gave me a lot more confidence in my overall fitness so much so that I have now taken up triathlon and I am now training for my first ironman next year, so whatever your goal I would certainly recommend Phoenix to help get you there"

Scott McLean

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"I have been training with Ross now for the last two years, and have lost six stone and eight pounds - (as you can see from the photo my figure has changed dramatically.) My sessions with Ross have resulted in a raise in energy levels, and an increase in both confidence and motivation. I no longer break out into a sweat when doing simple tasks such as climbing the stairs, or chasing a bus. Not only has there been an enormous increase in my fitness levels, but Ross has helped me also to improve my eating habits. The cliché is true; you are what you eat!"

Claire McBride

After attending fitness classes for the past 10 years and getting board of the same old routine to different music! I was feeling de-motivated to do anything in the gym myself.  I saw Ross with other clients and thought wow they look good.  So I decided to contact him and see if I could book up a block of 10 sessions with him.  I just fancied something different than classes all time, and that I got from Ross immediately.
Ross went through my diet with me and thankfully I did not need to change it to much, but what I did he advised me what to replace with what.  I wasn't fussed about loosing weight just wanted to tone up.  Within the few weeks my clothes were so much loser on me and people started commenting on how good I looked, it felt great, the shape of my body was changing.
I definitely look forward to my sessions with Ross.  I know they are never going to be easy, but hey that means better results.  There are times I thought 'OMG I'm gonna die' but worth it at the end with the feeling you have like you could run a marathon with the adrenaline rush you get from his workouts.  Ross changes my programme every 6 weeks so I don't get board when working out myself.
I would definitely recommend Ross to anyone whether its to tone up or loose weight or just need a change. 

Suzanne Duncan

"Going to the gym two or three times a week for the past 14 years I thought I was pretty fit and knew enough about what my body could do and how far I could go- boy was I wrong! 10 sessions with Ross and I am surprised at how far I can push myself, how hard I can work and the results I can get. Ross brings a high level of expertise and knowledge on health and fitness. He also brings a quiet, friendly determination that sees you pushing harder and for longer than you normally would. No session was the same so the anticipation of what might lie in store every week kept the interest (and fear!) going. I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from my sessions with Ross, I worked hard, learned much and changed my body shape as I had hoped to do. I am now looking forward to starting another 10 sessions in a couple of months to see what else I can achieve. So if you are thinking about whether personal training is right for you, pick up the phone and have a chat- it's a phone call you won.t regret. They say you get what you pay for, with Ross you get so much more. Enjoy!"  

Mel Fairley

"As a regular client I feel that I would like to offer the "potential client" a taste of my own personal experience of training with Phoenix Personal Training.

1.Ross is a very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and motivated instructor but don't be fooled with his charisma as he won't let you give up .One of his "you can complete this look" soon gets you going. Result- you achieve what you thought you could not.

2.Following Ross's nutritional advice you won't look at a greasy chip again in the same light without having a vision of Ross with horns like the devil. Result- weight loss.

3.Don't smile whilst training because Ross then thinks it's too easy and he turns up the intensity. Yes and you thought the cross trainer only went to level 10! However don't despair as Ross never pushes you beyond what you are capable off. Result- increase in fitness level.

4.The words "can't do this" do not exist in Ross's vocabulary! He will just smile and give the "yes you can look" and with some experienced coaxing you find you achieve what you thought you couldn't! Result- Increased confidence.

5.You won't need an Anatomy & Physiology book to help you locate your gluteal muscles, quads, hamstrings or abdominal muscles as they will make themselves known two days after a session with Ross. Result- Increased muscle tone.

6.Incidentally just when you think "I'm going to die" behold the endorphins kick in and before you know it you have completed that cardio excersise.Feeling the buzz of achievement is illuminating. Result- you learn to thrive on the feeling of endorphins and before you know it you've pushed beyond your first achievement!

7.Your alcohol consumption drastically reduces as you soon embrace the realms of healthy living and hard excersise.Result- weight loss.

8.You learn to love that feeling of being challenged!

9.Beware Ross instructs in sets 0f 3, 20 reps each. He's a stickler for technique and there is no chance of cheating. Result- better technique, improved posture and muscle tone.

10.The famous "stop watch" Ross will time you !a minute a time." Beware the watch is faulty and slow! It feels like the longest minute of your life! Result- Increased stamina.

The moral here is if you're prepared to work hard and listen to Ross's instruction you can achieve your goal. My achievements so far have included weight loss, increased stamina & fitness level, improved self confidence and the best so far- I ran my first half marathon this year!!"

Gail Norris

"I bid for 5 sessions with Phoenix at a charity auction and not having much experience of a PT, I wasn't sure what to expect. Not only did Ross give up his free time to fit in with my busy schedule but he gave me a fantastic insight into how much a trainer can add to your life. After a hard week at work, there's nothing better than the high you get from knowing you've worked your body hard. Ross helped me get out of my training rut and has given me some super tips to put into practice. I learned more about how to strengthen my core muscles during 5 sessions, than in 2 years at the gym. Maybe I will get over my fear of the swissball after all. It's true, enthusiasm is catching and if ever in need of some extra motivation, I would definitely recommend Ross".

Jenny Simpson

"I have worked with Ross Paterson for the last 9 months and during that time he has guided me through a series of fitness routines that have made me feel stronger and fitter than I have for the last 20 years. His enthusiasm is infectious and his knowledge of human anatomy has greatly improved my flexibility in all my major joints. It has been a pleasure to train with him. He has helped me to alter my dietary intake so that weight gain been controlled. I can heartily recommend him to anyone who is interested in improving any aspect of their physical condition."

Brian Mundey

"I had been going to the gym and attending classes for many years and was very happy with the results of my fitness regime. A few years ago my circumstances changed and I gave up my gym membership to allow me time to do an open-learning course and at the same time move from part-time work to full-time work. When I did go back to the gym I felt my drive and motivation had gone as I wasn't only going to the gym because I wanted to but because I had to! I was also at the heaviest weight I had ever been and was struggling to make any impact on the weight loss. I had seen Ross in the gym with other clients and decided to book a ten week programme. Best thing I ever did! The programme proved to be very challenging, I'm sure it was sometimes more challenging for Ross than it was for me!!! At the beginning of the programme we set some attainable goals - there were moments along the way when I wondered if I was going to be able to achieve the goals we had set. Ross, however, was always supportive and encouraging. I always looked forward to my training sessions and was delighted with my results by the end of the ten week period. I am now looking forward to my next ten sessions! Ross is very professional and committed and is a pleasure to work with."

Jo McGarty

"I started training with Ross in November 2005. In the run up to the appointment, I wasn't looking forward to it. I'm an exercise-phobe and as a result was both overweight and very unfit. Ross immediately put me at ease- even the initial fact finding survey wasn't too awful- and discussed what I wanted to achieve out of the session. Although weight loss was going to be an added bonus, my main driver was increased fitness: my son was just beginning to start to walk and I wasn't going to be able to keep up with him for any length of time in my current condition. Having barely been able to make the cross-trainer go at my first session, I can now get through 15 minutes, which is a major achievement for me. Ross makes the sessions interesting and varied: in the 10 months that I've been training with him, I've never had the same session twice. He is also an excellent motivator and I've been persuaded on more that one occasion that I can do a bit more. And I have.If you've put off contacting a personal trainer because you're afraid you'll end up with a lycra-clad gym bunny, then Ross and his team are the people for you. They are very much of the view that they are there to help you, and don't judge what you are when you get to them, just help you achieve the goals you set yourself."

Tracey Martin

"True Professionalism! That sums up Ross.....My motivation, my understanding of what the body can achieve and how far I can go has all been proven by Ross. He made me feel at ease from the first session and I now really enjoy exercise which I could never say before. He adapts the training programmes very carefully to suit your fitness levels and explains fully what we are trying to achieve. I would highly recommend to anyone with a goal to feeling good about themselves again."

Tracy Solly

"I really can see a difference since starting with Ross and I can honestly feel the benefit after every session. It's a great help having someone with experience guide you in the right direction."

Paul Kelly

"No motivation, overweight, not fit - I have been there. Phoenix Personal Training has made the difference to me. Off the settee into the gym. Result I am fitter than I have been in the last twenty years. I recommend that you give Phoenix Personal Training a go you will not be disappointed."

Rio Watt

"Just over two years ago I embarked on the long and hard road of trying to lose weight. At first the weight dropped off, but after a while it began to plateau, and for 3-4 weeks I did not lose anything- just became disheartened. A friend of mine, who was being trained by Ross, bought me my first session as an incentive - I think she realised I would not have done it otherwise, and within a few weeks, the pounds started to drop off again. What I thought would be a very embarrassing and de-moralising hour turned out to be interesting and fun (don't get me wrong it was very hard work, but it gave me the kick-start I needed) With regular sessions with Ross I reached my goal weight, not only looking better, and having dropped 2 dress sizes, but also having a great level of fitness. My story does not end there, as last year I discovered that I was pregnant, I was keen that I did not put on too much weight, so for a short time continued my sessions with Ross. Each session was tailored to my new circumstance, and Ross's knowledge of training whilst pregnant helped to erase any fears I had of doing any harm to the baby. Having had a baby girl in June this year, I am now back training with Ross, looking to him to help me lose the excess weight. Again, his knowledge impressed me with what I could I couldn't do straight away, and what to be aware of. Ross is a very approachable and knowledgeable trainer. His sessions are always good fun, but hard work. Each training programme I have had has always been varied, and never the same one twice, and am now looking forward to what lies in store in my next set of programmes."

Nichola Smith

"I have had Ross as my personal trainer since October 2005. During that time my fitness has increased immensely. This is down to Ross's vast knowledge of the appropriate exercises for the individual person. Ross is consistently changing the type of exercise that you do so that you do not become complacent. He also provides constant motivation and encouragement. Ross takes the time to get to know you and creates a personal programme around your needs. I would recommend Ross as a personal trainer."

Norma Daly

"Just more than two years have passed since I have started training with Ross. The results are tangible: I am fitter, healthier and my waist has been reduced by six inches. It's mind over matter: Ross helps you to conceive and believe what the future will be with a healthier and fitter body and you achieve it! The holistic approach is the only way forward: mens sana in corpore sano."

Marco Truffelli

"I've been going to Ross for about 10 weeks now. I went to him as I had terrible problems with my back and wanted a programme to try and build up the strength and flexibility in my back as well as to increase my general fitness. Ross has been excellent, he designed me a challenging programme which I've really enjoyed. He changes it slightly every week so that I don't get bored and gives me the motivation to keep it up. He has also given me a programme to do when I'm at the gym myself. I have learnt that its not just about doing the right exercises but making sure you do them right. I would recommend Ross as a personal trainer to anyone as he is very good at what he does, very motivating and encouraging."

Michael Kirk

"I had been going to the gym for a few years and hadn't noticed a difference in my fitness or body shape. Within 10 weeks of training with Ross I noticed a dramatic change in both these areas. Ross knows how to get the best from you and no two sessions are the same. He also explains why you are doing a particular exercise and what benefits you get from it. He asked what I wanted to achieve and worked on a gym programme I could do myself to help reach that goal. I now feel healthier and more confident. I would recommend Ross to people of all ages and fitness levels."

Laura Inglis

"When I decided to begin training with Ross about five months ago- it was based upon some knowledge of his teaching capability through participating in one of his classes, 'Body Jam' which was really enjoyable. Having worked with a trainer a few years previously, I had some insight of what lay ahead on the journey I was about to take- or at least, I thought I had? Ross's route for the journey to achieve my goal was expertly planned right from the start. On the way, there were some challenging moments but Ross's belief in your potential is inspiring and his enthusiasm not only convinces you to believe it too, but also motivates you to not only meet but surpass your own expectations. However, it wasn't all blood sweat and tears- there was a lot of laughter en-route and not all of it came from Ross!! The variety of training programmes made things very interesting and I was always intrigued to see what was coming round the next corner!! In fact, I have received comments on how varied and interesting my training schedules are by several members at my regular gym. Even now, some ten sessions later I find myself still surprised and impressed with his depth of knowledge in relation to the methods and techniques he continuously produces for me. Working with Ross has been educational, his commitment is second to none, and I truly believe that he wants you to achieve your goal, probably even more than you do yourself. Not only is he very good at what he does, he's a genuinely nice person who has the capability of making you feel good about yourself. At the end of the road I found that I was very much fitter, stronger and my shape had changed significantly. I lost 7% of my body fat and around 19lbs in weight and I can honestly say that I feel fantastic. Personal Training is undoubtedly this man's forte and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him (and already have) to anyone who has even the slightest idea of a goal in mind because he will certainly get you there. For myself, the end of that road may be here but not the journey, it has been so successful that I've already arranged to start again. Wonder where to next?"

Maggie Noble-Nesbitt

"Following a back injury, and on the advice of my physiotherapist, in October 2005 I joined a health club and embarked on a self styled fitness regime. I experienced some improvement in my condition. My personal goals were to recover from the injury and improve my golf handicap. In June2006 I decided to engage the services of Ross Paterson form Phoenix, as I had witnessed the success he has achieved with other clients. Within five weeks my fitness level has improved considerably and my golf handicap has reduced from 9 to 6. I am totally impressed by Ross's expert knowledge and his unique methods of working with you to tailor an exercise regime to fit you individual requirements. Ross really is unique insofar as he really seeks to understand you the person and will gently but firmly lead you to attain fitness levels you would simply never achieve on your own."

Cynthia Guthrie

"Since I've had Ross Paterson as my Personal Fitness Instructor I have taken on a whole new lease of life. I lost 8 kgs in the first 10 weeks. I have bags more energy, can run for a mile non stop whereas before I couldn't run the length of myself without getting out of breath and feel so much better about myself. I can't motivate myself to exercise on my own, but the instructors at Phoenix are great motivators and extremely supportive, which helps me enormously to enjoy the training. I'd thoroughly recommend Phoenix Personal Training."

Iain Nicol- client since January 2006

"What started as a desire to get myself fitter and slimmer has become a family affair! Both my husband Simon, and son, George have joined in and are benefiting from Ross's talents! I would never have believed that as an unfit confirmed non-runner, I could have completed a 10k run only three months after starting with Ross! It is a testament to Ross's professional techniques and motivational skills that I was able to achieve this. Moreover I have found Ross's holistic approach extremely helpful, encompassing all aspects of lifestyle from exercise to nutrition. I have found the wider benefits enormous. I have more energy, a more positive attitude and I feel I get far more out of my day! Seeing the effects of Ross's regime on me, my husband Simon, who has always kept himself reasonably fit, decided to join up. He too has been impressed by the energy and commitment Ross shows to the individually tailored programme he has put together for him. Ross has shown that he has the ability to suit his motivational style to the individual psyche. In addition, one of our sons has undertaken a six week summer programme designed to improve cardiac fitness with particular application to rugby. Ross has again proved to be creative, interesting and motivational whilst at the same time handling our twelve year old with utmost professionalism. In George's own word "Ross's programme has helped me to get back on track with my fitness. Ross is motivational and hardworking. His programme has been highly successful for me. I feel so much fitter when I am out and about. Ross is altogether a great trainer!"

Alison, Simon and George Erlanger

"Ross is a great personal trainer - one of the most focused and motivating people I have ever met. His sessions are hard, but they certainly work for me! I have found that I have greatly increased energy levels and each session is tailored to my workout needs. His expertise in massage has also helped me a lot, too, and ensured that I am always operating at my best."

Robert Nimmo

"I have been training with Ross for over two years and I get a tremendous amount out of personal training sessions - much, much more than I do when I work out on my own. He does a lot of advance planning so that I don't even have to think about what I'll be doing before I enter the gym! He is an
excellent trainer - motivating, encouraging and fun! Ross is also very happy to discuss dietary requirements and help with any nutritional advice or health & fitness questions I have. His personal touch is what really makes the difference for me."

Barbara Anne Nimmo

"After a bit of a scare with high blood pressure, I phoned Ross who got me started on an exercise programme. My BP came down from 177/95 to 130/85 mm.Hg within three weeks. In the words of our practice nurse "I don't know what he's costing you, but he's worth every penny". No two sessions are ever the same and I actually enjoy exercise now. My weight is coming down steadily and I have lots more energy."

S Callaghan

"When my son bought me a series of sessions with a personal trainer, I was pleased with his thoughtfulness (worried about dad’s increasing girth and potential for a heart attack) and scared about what lay before me. At forty-seven I thought that my hard working days were over and I really did not see pleasure in going back to school for PE lessons.
I put off calling for a bit, but a quick call from Ross Patterson had him in my diary and shortly afterwards, me in his gym. I was impressed with the thoroughness of the fitness check on me, not only making measurements but indicating which he though were relevant. As a GP, I too have to balance the value of results against their numbers and then explain that to my patients: Ross acted with true professionalism.
Over about a dozen sessions now, I have developed from feeling decidedly middle aged to being physically well able to get on with anything the world throws at me. Ross has planned my exercise regime, not only to avoid problems with my back (which a broke in 1994) but also to give me the core stability to conquer the pain I have become accustomed to. As we have gone along, he has explained what he is doing to which muscle groups, something which I have particularly appreciated since I still remember some anatomy, even so long after my time at medical school. When I have been under the weather, Ross has adapted the session to maintain both my fitness and my interest (no two sessions have ever been the same with this man!).
I have already bought a series of sessions for my wife, and have recommended Ross to a number of my patients. I suppose my overall recommendation for Ross is that he is clearly competent, is pleasant in his manner, focused on his client and well able to deal with a character as difficult as myself.
For anyone who works at a desk, needs their heart to last well into their pension plan and knows the difference between value and cost, Ross Paterson is your man."

Dr Andy Ashworth MRCGP

"I have been dealing with Ross for a year now, and in that time my fitness has improved 100%. Ross has shown enormous effort and commitment, tailoring a personal training program specifically for my own needs. My fitness and body shape are now so much better, and that has brought with it a dramatic increase in my personal confidence. Additionally, Ross has spent much time advising and guiding me toward a healthy diet. Ross exudes motivation, determination and frequently demonstrates an impressive knowledge and understanding of what he does. His greatest strength is undoubtedly the personally touch that he adds, he has the commendable ability to treat you as a person and not simply a client."

Marie Malcahy

"In every session Ross pushes me further than I thought I could go..."

Deborah Thompson


"We can all feel happy with our levels of fitness and be happy with the gym that we use, however when we reach what we think is our peak what else can we do.During my daily visits to Bannatynes I noticed an advertisement board for Phoenix Personal training and I liked what I saw, therefore I decided to research further.On accessing the web page I was impressed with the professional look and feel along with the wide range of fitness and massage services provided. I particularly liked the quote "Life is not just being alive, but being well" as this fits with my values.The PT section is designed to draw you in and encourages you to take the first steps and the feeling that you get is that Phoenix have a good brand name and are definitely 100% committed to work with you to achieve your goalsRead the testimonials they speak for themselves"

Angie Bain